Cornice Products


Custom Cut Cornices and Window Treatments…Wrap, Tuck & Hang… absolutely no sewing!

  • So easy to cover and mount
  • Lightweight PVC core covered with flame retardant foam
  • Strong rigid core will not sag, bend or bow.
  • Durable… cover and recover for years.
  • Exclusive tuck slots on both sides of cornice make it simple to create a variety of styles.
  • Thick, durable flame retardant foam covering provides a plush padded look, plus enables you to pin on decorations or trim.
  • Mounting Brackets… specially designed brackets make mounting the cornice to the wall simple, yet it is easy to remove and replace.
  • Our exclusive L-Shaped Hanging Guides make it easy to measure your windows and doors accurately to ensure your cornice will top your window/door perfectly.
  • Versatile and easy to change fabric for the seasons, celebrations, holidays or more.