Style: Wood Cornices

These cornices are classic with a modern touch. These are custom-cut to fit your windows... they're easy to mount... redefine your home, be inventive and express your creativity.

Paint or stain these cornices to match your decor. Easy, versatile, and affordable!

Constructed with poplar wood, these strong and durable wood cornices come ready to paint or stain.  We even braced the cornice corners on the inside with extra wood to insure their strength.



wood decor 1

These quality wood cornices mount flush to the wall with interlocking hanger brackets.  We have secured one bracket piece to the wood cornice to make mounting easy and you have only to mount the other bracket peice on the wall.  The prices fit into each other to form a solid streamlined interlocking mount.  When you want to remove the wood cornices, simply lift off the wall bracket.  Very easy!

  • 3 Styles to choose – Traditional, Modern, Contemporary (see examples below)
  • The wood cornices are approximately 5 3/4″ high
  • Clearance depth from inside back of cornice to wall is 5″
  • Custom-cut to your specifications


holidays wood

Our Wood Cornices are so affordable and will…

  • Enhance your windows, shades, or blinds
  • Mount without damaging your trim
  • Stain or paint to express your individuality
  • Change your decor, just change the color of the cornice (paint or stain!)
  • Add appliques to create your rooms personality




All three styles of our Wood Cornices are 5-3/4″ high and clearance depth for all three cornices is 5″ (distance from inside back of wood cornice to wall.)  They are lightweight and are easy to mount and remove with our specially designed brackets.  They can be painted or stained and only require light standing.

The wood cornices can be purchased up to 8′ in length and will be shipped in one piece.

diagram wood cornice

How To Measure For Custom Cut Wood Cornices

To measure for the Wood Cornice, mark your wall at least once inch or more from out edge of the window or trim or curtain rods or blinds and shades to give adequate clearances.  Measure straight across from left to right side of your window/door.  This is the measurement we need!

We will add an additional foot to this measurement to allow for the returns/clearance depth of 5″ on either end of the wood cornice.