Bay Window Cornice Video

We've provided you with the BEST solution for bay window treatments... watch our new video for more information!

Our exciting new Bay Window Cornice allows you to add window treatments where it was always difficult before…


Bay windows can be challenging, difficult to measure and cover.  But the Top Banana Cornice has met that challenge with its new Bay Window Cornice.  It has a clearance depth of 4.5″-5″ from the back of the cornice to the wall or window.

We all know how expensive and difficult it is to have an installer or decorator measure your bay window for window treatments and/or blinds and shades.  Our Bay Window Cornice is the perfect solution as we can custom cut our Top Banana Bay Window Cornice to fit your bay window perfectly.  And how it will enhance your blinds or shades on your bay window!

Not only that… it’s easy to measure your bay window accurately to insure a good fit, it’s easy to assemble, it’s easy to mount and most importantly, it’s so easy to cover!  And, yes, it’s very affordable!  Much less than any other bay window treatment.  And the extra bonus is that it will last for years and it’s changeable through the years as well!  It will be professional, guaranteed!