Style: Bay Window Cornice

We're the first to offer our exclusive custom-cut DIY Bay Window Cornice. You'll get professional results at such an affordable price. Style comes easy! We have developed a truly unique and fantastic window treatment for your bay window.

Bay windows can be challenging, difficult to measure and difficult and expensive to design a window treatment due to their angles.   But we have met that challenge with  our Bay Window Cornice..  And once again absolutely no sewing …. just warp, tuck and mount!bay window cornice valance

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If you have a bay window, you no doubt are aware how expensive and difficult it is to have an installer or decorator measure your bay window for your window treatments.  But now, problem solved!

Our Bay Window Cornice is the perfect solution as we custom cut our Bay Window Cornice to fit your bay window perfectly.   And how it will enhance your blinds or shades.

Not only that …. it’s easy to measure your bay window accurately to insure a good fit.   You just measure your bay with our 4 Point Measuring Guide and measure from point to point.

Just assemble the 5 sections using our connecting dowels.   It is lightweight and covered with soft foam giving a plush look to your choice of fabric.

bay window dections

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