Bendable Cornice - Extra wide windows

The Top Banana Bendable Cornice is designed to be mounted outside of the window opening where a closed-end is desired. You cover the cornice lying flat so it's very easy to cover and the unique tuck slots on either side of the cornice make it so simple to wrap and tuck with fabric of your choice. There is absolutely no sewing! Your choice of fabric creates the style of the cornice... from classic, contemporary, eclectic, etc. Plus it's changeable throughout the years, just change your decor, and change the fabric!



Create Professional Results – Be Your Own Decorator!

It’s easy to mount the Bendable Cornice flush to the wall using our custom designed mounting brackets.   Upon mounting, the ends bend easily creating beautiful, elegant, curved closed ends almost like magic.   The soft flame retardant foam covering the lightweight core, provides a soft base for your fabric and helps embellish your fabric by creating a plush look as if the cornice was done professionally.   Plus, our cornice has a strong rigid core to prevent bowing or sagging, yet it is lightweight for easy mounting.   For the extra long cornices, we cut the cornice into panel sections and these sections are connected by plastic split dowels that slip and fit snug into the cornice core cavity.   We also provide extra support brackets if needed.

Our exclusive mounting brackets also enable you to mount the cornice with the tuck slot at the top or bottom of the cornice.  We include all hardware.  Plus our cornice has a strong rigid core to prevent bowing or sagging, yet it’s lightweight for easy mounting.

Measuring Instructions


Download and place our MOUNTING GUIDE on either side of your window trim, and measure between the screw holes.

Print, cut and punch out the screw holes marked on this guide. This guide is as wide as our cornice is thick (2 inches.) The screw holes marked on this guide match the screw holes on our brackets.

Place this guide to the left and right of your window where you want to mount your cornice. Mark the wall indicating these screw holes on the left and right of your window or door. Measure straight across from left to right between the screw holes. This is the measurement we need. Your custom cut cornice will be cut to fit these measurements when both ends bend and mount to the brackets.

Clearance Depth

This is the distance between the wall and the inside of the cornice. We offer 4.5″ or 6″.


Example when requesting a quote…

Please email me a quote for a Bendable Custom Cut Cornice. The screw hole to screw hole measurement is 82 inches. We need 6 inch clearance.

(if you have multiple windows list for each: screw hole to screw hole measurements & clearance depth)