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Corner Window Cornice

We've got the solution for your corner windows! The Top Banana Cornice can even fit your corner windows. This is an exclusive feature of our line of cornices -- you won't find this kind of solution anywhere!


Do you have corner windows and don’t know how or what to do with them? There is little or no wall space between them!

We have the answer… The Top Banana Bendable Corner Window

It Fits, it’s stylish, it’s affordable and it’s easy!

And best of all you can do it yourself with professional results… and easy to measure your corner windows with our Mounting Guide. And, of course, absolutely no sewing… Wrap, Tuck and Mount and create a wonderful corner windows treatment.


Download and place the Mounting Guide at either end of your corner window where you want to place your end mounting brackets. Mark the wall showing the screw holes.

Left Corner Window. Measure from screw hole A to point B (corner of your window). Measure from B to screw hole D.

Right Corner Window. Measure from screw hole A to point C (corner of your window) Measure from C to screw hole D.

Corner Windows are available only in 4.5” clearance depths.

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Just email us your corner window measurements as described above. You will receive a quote via email. Please make sure in your email to include that this is for a Corner Bendable Cornice.

Example of how to receive quote:

In your message to us, just indicate what your measurements are, for example: Left Corner Window - A to B is 36” and B to D is 36”. Please include your shipping address. Thank you!