Cornice Styles

Style comes easy with our complete set of custom-cut cornice & window treatments.

The Top Banana Cornices allow you to bring a fresh personality to your home.  These DIY cornices let you express your individuality.  They can redefine your home and how you live in it.   Manufactured right here in the USA, we pride ourselves in giving you the best window treatment options available and the best cornice, with the utmost quality!  We keep our costs down and pass those savings onto you!  You will receive personal attention and we will custom-cut your cornices especially for you.   Our Bendable, Panel and Bay Cornices have a strong extruded PVC core which gives the cornice panel strength and durability enabling it to last for many years and prevents bowing or sagging.  To connect the cornice sections for long cornices, we provide dowels that fit into the core cavities.

Our Bendable Cornice and Bay Window Cornice have strong specially designed PVC brackets which are easy to mount and secure your cornice to the wall.  Yet, when you’re ready to change the style, you just pop the cornice off these brackets and cover it again with new fabric.  So easy!

Our Wood Cap Panel Cornice and Wood Cornices also have specially designed brackets that enable you to mount and remove quickly and easily yet are flush to the wall.

Top Banana Bendable Cornice

This cornice has ends that bend when you hang it, giving you a complete look with your fabric that is not available anywhere else!

Top Banana Wood Cap Panel Cornice

Our beautiful end caps allow you to paint or stain them to match your style!

There is nothing on the market like this! Add a finishing touch to your bay window with our new Top Banana Bay Window Cornice

These beautiful wood cornice provide you with a simple, yet creative way of adding style to any room!