General Cornice Info on How to Wrap & Measure

Watch our informational video to see the Top Banana Cornice in action!

The Top Banana Cornice brings a new way to add window treatments that are both easy and affordable!  Check out our video for more information.

The Top Banana Cornice allow you to bring a fresh personality to your home.
These DIY cornices let you express your individuality.  They can redefine your home and how you live in it.   Manufactured right here in the USA, we pride ourselves in giving you the best window treatment options available and the best cornice, with the utmost quality!  We keep our costs down and pass those savings onto you!  You will receive personal attention and we will custom-cut your cornices especially for you.

Now check out our Product Information page for more information and how to order one of our new cornices to bring exciting new window treatments to your home!