Bendable Cornice Measuring Instructions

All of our cornices are custom cut at affordable prices, all you need to do is follow our easy instructions below. With our Bendable L-Shaped Hanging Guide, measuring your windows is quick and easy...

The Top Banana Cornice is designed to be mounted outside of your windows/doors where a closed-end is desired.



Print, cut and punch out the screw holes marked on this guide.  This guide is as wide as our cornice is thick (2 inches.)  The screw holes marked on this guide match the screw holes on our brackets.

Place this guide to the left and right of your window where you want to mount your cornice.  Mark the wall indicating these screw holes on the left and right of your window or door.  Measure straight across from left to right between the screw holes.  This is the measurement we need.  Your custom cut cornice will be cut to fit these measurements when both ends bend and mount to the brackets.

Clearance Depth

When you order, you’ll be asked to indicate your clearance depth.  This is the distance between the wall and the inside of the cornice.  We offer 4.5″ or 6″.


Watch our Demonstration Video