Make It Look Expensive!

As we all know, a valance tops your blinds/shades or curtains.   Sometimes they are used by themselves as the only window treatment.

We selected two valances each around $22.00.   We selected these two valences due to the scalloped bottom edges on both.  If these scalloped edges were sewn professional, the cost would increase substantially from $22.00 per valence.

Let’s face it …. a valance on a curtain rod … is a valence on a curtain rod.   Cover the Top Banana Bendable Cornice with a valance and it looks like a much more expensive window treatment ….. and it’s so easy to do.

First select the valance that will enhance your room decor.   Then select fabric that compliments the colors in the valance.   Wrap the Top Banana Bendable Cornice with this fabric.

Then take the valance …. it will not wrap entirely around the cornice as valances are usually about 13 to 18 inches in length.   But with the Top Banana Cornice innovative tuck slots it doesn’t matter the length of the valence.