How To Measure Bendable Corner Window

Please read the instructions below to measure your corner window...


3-Point Measuring GuideDOWNLOAD & PRINT HERE

PLEASE NOTE that your printer may scale the image smaller or larger than the actual size. Make sure your printer settings are all set to 100%, this includes your zoom level in Adobe Acrobat (click here for example.) Make sure your computer isn’t trying to scale it to fill the entire page. Some printers will want to do this, so go into your Print Settings and disable this function.

First Step:

Mark your wall showing the screw holes where you want to mount your cornice mounting bracket (A) and measure to the corner (B) and measure to the other wall where you want to mount your other cornice mounting bracket (D). Enter these measurements on the Order Page where indicated. Please note your corner windows may be on the left or right side of your room.

corner window examples

Second Step:

Now using the templates provided, place (A) where you marked the mounting bracket screw holes on the wall as described above and place (B) template if the corner of your window is on the left or template (C) if the corner of your window is on the right side of the room. Place template (D) where you marked the screw holes for the other cornice mounting bracket.

Measure between these three template points and enter the measurements on the Order Page