Wood Cap Panel Measuring Instructions

We’ve made it easy to measure your windows for custom-cut panel cornices…

The diagrams below will demonstrate where to place the Panel Cornice template so your cornice will be cut to our specifications.

valance window treatment


valance cornice window treatments


Click here to download Panel Measuring Template


This template shows the width of the wood caps facing the room is 1 3/4″.  We will custom-cut your Panel Cornice to fit between these two wood end caps.  Place one template to the left or top of your window trim where you want your cornice.  Mark the wall as indicated on the template.  Measure straight across from left to right.  This is the measurement we need.  Your Panel Cornice will be cut to fit between these two Wood Camps.  You can use this Guide for either style of Wood Caps, SM or OM’s.