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SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!  Let’s all do something about our window treatments to freshen up our rooms –  (3/11/15)

Spring will be here in less than two weeks …. and aren’t we all grateful after this cold, snowy and icy winter. Check out our Easter & Spring Hints & Tips video to help celebrate the coming of Spring … we’re all ready for Spring, just bring it on!

We demonstrate in our Easter & Spring Hints & Tips video how you can decorate the top of your windows and freshen up your rooms and celebrate Easter.  Even on our wood cornices, why not add flowers and other Spring and Easter decorations such as wreaths and grapevine boughs. I t only takes a few minutes to do and what a difference it makes.

And I have another hint …..you can keep the original fabric (if not too heavy or thick) you covered your cornice with and jut top it with another piece of fabric. Then in the winter revert back to the original fabric if you so choose.  Real simple to do.

I get a number of requests as to the height of our cornice …. it is about 10-1/4 inches high. But you can create more “height” by adding additional fabric in the bottom tuck slot facing the room. We will be demonstrating how to do this in our next Hints & Tip Video …. also, on how to match your pieces of fabric for the longer cornices.

And if you have a special request of something you would like demonstrated in our Hints & Tips Video just let me know. Email: nancy@innovativeplums.com and I will respond.

We have the best quality do-it-yourself cornices on the market. Our cornices are lightweight, designed to mount easily, plus we provide easy measuring templates so you can measure your windows and doors accurately.

Due to shipping restrictions, we custom cut our larger cornices into sections. We have made these sections easy to connect as we provide you with split plastic dowels designed to fit into the cornice core cavities and extra support brackets if needed. For the extra long cornices, we mark the cornice sections in sequence making connecting simple.



HINTS & TIPS (2/15/15)

I think probably one of the best ways to discover how to do something is to watch a video …. so I thought why don’t we do short, little videos showing our customers how easy it is to create stylish cornices that fit into today’s world …. from decorating tips, choosing and selecting fabrics, which
fabrics are easy to work with, how much fabric to purchase and different, creative ways to cover our cornices.  Plus how to paint, stain and decorate our wood cornices to create fresh and yet affordable window treatments.  These videos will shown in our website, U Tube, Facebook and other social
media sites. Our first video demonstrates how to take an ordinary valance and turn it into something more than a valance when wrapped around our bendable cornice.   It shows you how to do this quickly and without any sewing!

Our next couple of videos will show you how to match fabric patterns and how to create more height to our bendable cornices …. and again absolutely without any sewing!

Years ago homemakers used to change their window treatments and home decor seasonally …. that has gone out of fashion due (I’m sure) to the hectic world we live in today.   You still do see some of this at the various holidays were homes are decorated inside and out.   However, in the past, homemakers would change their window treatments to reflect the change of seasons, put slip covers on or off their furniture, paint and more.   Especially after a dreary and cold winter and to welcome spring and summer.

With today’s paints it’s easy to change the color of your walls and change the atmosphere of your rooms.   This is an excellent time to think about changing your window treatments …. if you have one of our cornices and change the fabric or paint color it will enhance your room all the more!

Of you can just add decorations of all types to our bendable and even wood cornices that can and will blend or match your existing fabric or paint color.   These are some of the hints and tips you will be  seeing in the future.  But, I’m sure some of you have ideas or suggestions that you would like us to demonstrate thru our videos.   Email these requests to us.   We will respond to all requests and let you know if and when we
will air your requested video.  Email to Nancy@innovativeplums.com.  We look forward to receiving these requests as we want to provide the best, possible service we can to our customers.

The Top Banana Cornices are Invading Restaurants and Offices

I’m really excited to announce our customers are taking our cornices out of the home and into the work place and restaurants.   You know what …. it makes sense and it’s much more affordable. I’m looking forward to sharing these photos will you all.

Until next time ….. Nancy



Top Banana Window Treatments & Ideas (2/7/15)

Hi, I’m Nancy, the creator of the Top Banana Cornices.   Window treatments can be very expensive and challenging and I think we have helped solve this problem by the variety of affordable cornices we offer.  Our designs are unique, one-of-a-kind and are only sold online.   Because of their unique designs, our cornices appeal to every age group since they enable you to create your own style …. from modern or contemporary, eclectic, urban, traditional, crafty and more.  We provide the “foundation” and you provide the “finishing touches”.

Window treatments are one of the biggest statements of your home decor and are one of the most expensive interior home decorations.   Window treatments help set the tone of any room in your home and should be considered an integral part of the room.

Style comes easy with our cornices as they enable you to express your own individuality and creativity, yet have the look of a professional custom made cornice.

I’ve noticed when homeowners spend a lot of money on their window treatments they tend to keep them much too long.   Homeowners, even after their furnishings get that “tired” look and it’s time for a change, don’t change their cornices but keep them year after year.   Even when they get new furniture, many keep their expensive original cornices because it takes too much time and money to replace them.   And as a result their rooms don’t have a fresh and vibrant look.

Our blog, Top Banana Cornice Window Treatments & Ideas is going to offer you hints and tips on how to decorate your windows yourself at a considerable saving, yet have a decorator’s look.   You will find it is not difficult but so easy.  Our cornices are DIY, but require little if no assembly and enable you to transform your rooms from ordinary to extraordinary.

So let’s get started …


If you’re under 50 years old, you may not be familiar with the word “cornice”  …  but probably “valence” which is sort of a short curtain on a rod on top of your window.

So … a cornice is a solid decorative treatment on top of your window frame … and enhances blinds/shades/verticals, curtains and drapes or just the window alone.  In the UK they call it a “pelmet”.   They can be constructed out of a board, batten, fabric or other materials.   Custom made cornices by interior designers and decorators can be very time consuming, very expensive and are not changeable.

Our cornices are “not grandma”s cornices” anymore.   We have brought the cornice into today’s world by our creative designs and construction.

Check back often for more Blog entries!