Wood Cornice Measuring Instructions

To measure for the Wood Cornice, just mark your wall at least once inch or more from outer edge of the window or trim or curtain rods or blinds and shades to give adequate clearance.  Measure straight across from left to right of your window.  This is the only measurement we need.

diagram wood cornice

We will add an additional foot to this measurement to allow for the clearance depth of 5″ on either end of the cornice.

All three styles of our Wood Cornices are 5 3/4″ high and clearance depths for all three cornices are 5″.  This is the distance from the inside of the cornice to the wall.  They are very lightweight and are easy to mount and remove with our specially-designed brackets.  They can be painted or stained and only require light sanding.

The Wood Cornices can be purchased up to 8′ in length and will be shipped in one piece.

inside bracket